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A Brief Introduction of Winch and their Techniques

A modern winch is a mechanical device used to lift, move, and interesting items. Because of the mechanics and physics of the winch, they are able to lift very heavy objects. 

Larger, powerful winch with a strong pull cable are capable of moving items weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Depending on the type of activities that the winch will be used determine the strength and type of winch that needs to be purchased. 

There are various winching techniques (Also Known as “เทคนิคการกว้าน” in the Thai Language) that can be used. They include a few lines and a pulley system to increase pulling power, while reducing workload. 

When applied properly with the appropriate security measures, winch is a very necessary and useful tool. Always wear heavy-duty gloves. Gloves are essential in protecting the hands from wire barbs or pieces from a coarse line. 

Most importantly, it is very important to have a strong anchor point and non-compromised winch system. Winch requires proper care and attention. 

Always make sure that the vehicle winching gear is properly installed and never exceed the given value of your winch and line. It may sound like a simple process, but it takes extreme skill, care and appropriate safety measures in order to employ towing line and winch.