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About Automatic Identification System

Among the fastest and largest growth areas in the marine, navigation is AIS. Having the AIS transmitter unit onboard will transform your ship into a radio signal that transmits a constant speed.

In contrast, the AIS receiver allows you to track the boat, COG, SOG in the VHF range. This can be quite important advice for navigating in transport lanes and stations. We have a great selection from the beautiful ground such as AIS accessories, VHF & AIS, Garmin plotter, Zipwake.

Automatic Identification System

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What is AIS?

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System. Identification is that the transmit ship MMSI number, current speed, and course which is just some of the information you are able to get.

AIS is designed to help prevent accidents associated with commercial delivery. AIS was legally required to have more than 300GT boats. In US waters it is required by commercial boats over 65ft and over 26ft and over 600hp.

Vessels with the suitable equipment can receive and send the AIS sign on a particular VHF radio frequency. The sign comprises COG, SOG, CPA, (CPA stands for the nearest point of approach), MMSI that can then be plotted onto a standalone AIS device or the present navigation or radar screens. 

The screen indicates the AIS target as a boat making a long triangle symbol and exactly that symbol can be used for a huge boat or a small fishing boat.