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Ashton Cigars: Fine Cigars

When one talks about quality cigars — Ashton cigars will probably not be left out. Ashton cigars, as some other cigar aficionado might understand, is a nice cigar which has carefully carved its place in the cigar industry — and becoming recognized for its standards of excellence that it succeeds, in finding their cigar line of products.

Robert Levin, a tobacconist and a connoisseur of cigar mixes in that made Ashton cigars in 1985. Ashton cigars' fillers & binders were created of the Dominican increased leaves, and its wrappers were in quality Connecticut Shade grown leaves. These mixtures lent Ashton cigars that unique blend & personality sought by many cigar aficionados. The cigars can be enjoyed only with the best rated cigar lighters on

These Ashton cigars are manufactured from the Fuente factory with excellent control inspections set up — assuring its customers of the consistency of cigar quality that they have been used to.

Ashton Classic Series

All these Ashton cigars are made from a 3 to 4-year-old Dominican tobacco — combined with all the golden Connecticut shade wrapper provides a rich flavor with nuances of peppery spice.

Ashton Aged Maduro Series

Getting its flavor from the natural fermentation of its Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, the cigar will give you a taste that is sweet — but after lighted and eaten, the taste gets. The combination of its filler and wrapper supply for the elegant & wealthy flavor that set this cigar distinct from the rest.

Ashton Cabinet Series

These cigars have 4 to 5-year-old Dominican filler and a Connecticut shade wrapper that's aged for a couple further. The filler supplies for a well-rounded taste, although the wrapper provides for the smooth and creamy flavor.

Ashton VSG Series

These Ashton cigars will not force you to stop lighting one cigar after another. These were exclusively blended by Carlos Fuente Jr. for Ashton. The cigar uses Dominican tobacco from the plants. Its wrapper is obtained in the plants from Ecuador, which are exclusively grown for Ashton VSG. This wrapper provides the key for the intoxicating effect of this Ashton VSG cigar — and together with the superior filler used, this cigar is obviously ranked one of the finest in a cigar lover's list.

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

Even the wrapper, binder, and filler of the Ashton cigar are all made from tobaccos, which are a hundred percent sun-grown. It's a Cameroon wrapper enveloping an Ashton blend — giving you and past compare.

Ashton Cigars — Cigar Quality and Excellence Exemplified

Having an Ashton cigar means using an outstanding cigar between your palms. It means you have with you with a cigar of rare quality — definitely distinctive you making you proud, happy smoker.