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Baptism – A Ceremony To Cherish

Baptism or christening is one ceremony that parents of the child cherish in their hearts forever. This ceremony encompasses giving the child a formal name. Apart from its religious significance, the baptism ceremony formally heralds the journey of life of the child in the material world.

Most importantly, mothers are reminded of their painful pregnancies all the time, but now they thank God that they blessed them with babies. The baby blessing ceremony is one of the best ceremonies for new parents.

The christening ceremony is carried out with great care and is very similar to a baby shower or welcome shower. The decor for this event is similar to the one in the bathroom. In addition to religious elements, the atmosphere was festive.

Guests join new parents in celebrating and sharing the joy of the baby's arrival. As with baby showers, guests usually bring various types of baby equipment as gifts.

While most gifts at a christening are baby toys, you don't have to worry about the gifts you need to bring to the christening. Ideas for such baby gifts can be found in abundance on various pages on the Internet.

The place of the christening ceremony is usually the church or the parents' house. According to religious rituals, it is customary for guests to be pampered with breakfast or dinner. Returning gifts or services to guests prior to departure is also part of the ceremony.

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