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Helpful Tips that will keep you Safe During your Vacation Trip


After working-hard we all deserve a vacation once in a year. However, proper planning and preparation is required when it comes to experiencing the best vacation. Planning and preparation are absolutely important especially if is for the first-timers. If you happen to travel in the next coming days, then these are a few helpful tips you need to follow.

  1. Avoid using Social Media – Social media is quite popular where every one of us loves to use on a daily basis. However, it is important to avoid using especially during the time of vacation. There are unwanted and troublesome people who can catch the exact location after seeing your pictures or videos.
  2. For Money and Cards, store them in Different Places –Ensure that you’re keeping your money and cards at different places during your vacation. Use the wallet to store a few cash while the remaining should be kept inside the pocket of your trousers. Carry your credit or debit cards only during the time of emergency.
  3. Update your Loved Ones – Make sure that you are constantly in touch with your family and close friends during your vacation. You may also tell them about your schedule that will keep your loved ones less worried.
  4. A Copy of your Passport is Necessary – Ensure you’ve made a few copies of your passport before heading to the airport. Leave one with a friend behind and keep the remaining with you in case of emergency.

A vacation to Indonesia would be considered perfect if you follow the tips. Additionally, get the best package for the Indonesia tour from the best tour operator.

An Iconic Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Through California

Big Sur is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and it's definitely one of the most beautiful places in sunny California. The most common way to get to Big Sur is taking a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway from either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Thousands of people from all around the country do this road trip to Big Sur every single year. If you're considering doing the Pacific Coast Highway road trip make sure you do a little bit of research first. There are long stretches along the Pacific Coast Highway that don't any fuel stations so you're going to want to make sure you have your tank topped off play areas so you don't get stranded along the coast.

Also, there are long stretches of the highway that do not have any cell phone service reception. In particular, the Big Sur area of the Pacific Coast Highway does any cell phone reception whatsoever. If you are looking for assistance on your Pacific Coast Highway road trip you might want to check out some resources on the internet before you just hop in your car and drive. The video that Matt posted on the TailHappy YouTube channel shows his Pacific Coast Highway road trip and what you can expect along the way. You can also get a better idea of some iconic places to stop along Highway 1 and have the best trip possible while you're out on the California coast.

Enjoy the thrills of travelling in Indonesia by choosing from the best touring options


The Southeast Asian landforms of Indonesia situated amidst breathtaking waters are one of the most favorite destinations for tourists from across the globe. The natural splendor housed by the numerous beautiful islands in the Indonesian archipelago is immense and invokes a sense of awe.

Vacationing in Indonesia is going to be a memory worth cherishing as it offers unbound recreational and adventurous activities. This may range from climbing active volcanoes to snorkeling amidst resplendent marine life to exploring ornate shrines to even enjoying the bliss of ancient and unevolved cultures in remote locations.

Exciting tour and adventure opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia is loaded with cultural and natural diversities. The options of basking under the sun or surfing in the waters of the Pacific and socializing in the most popular beach in the world make Bali the most impressive tourist locale in Indonesia. Apart from this, diving in untouched waters for enjoying the sights of the vibrant colored corals and exploring remote terrains in search of endangered and exquisite creatures like komodos and orangutans are special attractions.

Indonesia volcano tour is a special attraction. The country is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire and houses immensely volatile and active volcanoes. The east Javanese portion is full of active volcanoes like Mount Bromo and Mount Merapi that offer incredible views and is renowned for their picturesque beauty.

Thus it is imperative that one can choose this best travel and touring option to enjoy their stay in Indonesia to the fullest and make this memory an eternally cherishable one.

Hiking In Joshua Tree National Park

An amazing fact about the USA is the national park system for various tourists to come and enjoy this beautiful place. Wildlife vegetation in this area is completely incredible each with its unique features and habitat when they are compared with others.

There are several places and attractions near Joshua Tree National Park in California that are mainly explored by hundreds of people every year and they took the guidance from The Secret Tours who is best known for the tourist's company in entire California.

Hiking Joshua Tree

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At the time when people imagine the national parks, the main prominence image is of the forest such as Joshua Tree which is certainly not a garden. This park is fully occupied with unique geographical sort of flora and fauna features including trails that are composed as bliss for trekkers, rock ramblers and campers.

Joshua Tree is situated at an upper altitude as compare to the Mojave Desert. It is surrounded by the bottom of the Colorado Desert. This is constructed for a number of interesting features. Joshua Park is well-known for its rocky mountains, broad dry plains and many more.

Hiking in the park was an excellent experience. You are able to select a diverse sort of augmentation on the basis of the total amount of endeavors you would like to put in.

For those people who are looking for an uncomplicated approach then Lucky Boy Vista trek is just only 2.5 miles and is fairly unsophisticated.

If you want to go on the more challenging trek then the best but still modest climb is Lost Palms Oasis hike i.e., 7.4 miles and give you the straight path towards the growth of the palm springs.