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Cintiq 22hd Is A Blessing For Graphic Designers

Give creativity a new wing with a Wacom Cintiq 22HD widescreen display to make a great digital content. refurbished rent cintiq 22HD is the union of graphics tablets and LCD into one. The Cintiq 22hd having a great ergonomic design features and a gorgeous 22-inch 54.5 cm / 21.5-inch widescreen

Cintiq 22HD comes with a great design tablet that allows one to position it exactly like the drawing board. Spring mechanism allows the freedom to float all directions and make one comfortable for interesting things to do while sitting in a chair.

It can be brought under the ground level table or even be customized for stand-up tables for in case you are in the mood to draw while standing. It allows you to take full control while adjusting its position. You can replace a plan to buy a secondary monitor as it allows you to adjust to the perfect level.

If you want to use photoshop or want to paint, animation Softwares, etc., it allows you to do comfortably with the spring mechanism. And when you need to connect to the world with so you can resize to the corner of a regular monitor and do e-mail or surf the web. 

IPS screen panel quality is really pretty because it provides consistent color indifference to the angle. The main attraction of the Cintiq 22HD is that it can be color-calibrated with a range of color management solutions.