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Basic Reason Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can come in many different shapes and sizes. Everyday anxiety that occurs to one person may develop into an anxiety disorder in one person to another. 

There is little rhyme or logic as to why some of us are more susceptible to anxiety than others. There are two main types of phobias. For more information about fear to fly, you can check this website.

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You can develop a specific phobia where you have an irrational fear of something that has very little danger. Arachnophobia for example is feared by spiders. This is what is called a simple phobia; This is something that is of little danger to your everyday life.

You can also get complex phobias that come together from different sources of anxiety at the same time. An example of this may be the fear of flying where you have a fear of a plane crash combined with the fear of confined spaces and the fear of being in a crowded place.

Social phobia is another common phobia where people are afraid of being humiliated or embarrassed in social status. It can be very debilitating for frogs that suffer from it because they will begin to avoid all social situations, often stripped of their fear.

Panic attacks are caused by extreme anxiety. Our fear causes the body to react with a fight or flight response, ready for action whenever we feel threatened. With panic attacks, the body becomes a cause for concern, causing extreme symptoms of a panic attack. There is a small organ within our brain called the amygdala that controls this response.