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How To Buy The Best MMA Gloves For Your Fighting Style

The best MMA gloves for you varies depending on factors like your fighting style and training methods. That said, you should know some basic things before choosing or buying MMA gloves.

You will need different varieties for sparring sessions and practice for fighting the actual competition and for bag work. This is due to different padding gloves and how much finger movement, they allow.

MMA fighting gloves are designed to keep both fighters safe and protected. By design, they have much less padding than sparring gloves and are designed for genuine competition.

UFC Contender MMA 8oz Sparring Gloves

The type we use for bag work requires much more padding to protect your hands. Sure, your hands need to be "hardened", but there are limits and I suggest punched several times a bag as a safe method!

To grappling work, you need the type that provides greater freedom of movement.

I should also mention MMA Handwraps – many fighter do not use them when practicing MMA, but I highly recommend them.

Again, I must emphasize that the wounds of the fingers can be a serious setback keep you away from training for months.

Your fists are very important tools and I always make the effort to wrap and properly protect mine. In addition, you must have wrapped hands during MMA competition so you may as well get used to it. Shorter envelopes are available for those who have problems inserting them in your gloves.

Cheap MMA gloves are best found in online stores. I recommend trying to ensure that they are comfortable.

It is a bit cheeky but I'm going to visit a store, try them for comfort and size, then order them online where they are cheaper! If you can not make a good online store will offer a guaranteed return if you do not like them, you can return them for a replacement or refund.