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How to Fix Overbite from Thumb Sucking

Many cases of overbite, including those caused by thumbsucking can be successfully treated using most types of braces including fixed orthodontic appliances (outside the teeth), Invisalign® clear aligners or other types of braces on the inner aspect of the teeth; also known as lingual braces.

If you believe that your child has sucked their thumb, then it is recommended that you visit a dentist as early as possible, even as young as 5 years old. You can also look for thumb sucking prevention methods online at amazon.

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Orthodontic early intervention can help to assess the possibility of developing problems later in life and then help to prevent them throughout the stages of your child's development, and as they grow.

It is possible to help the child to stop sucking their thumbs with two main areas:

  • preventive therapy
  • appliance therapy

Preventive therapy includes:

  • Painting nails with bitter or foul-tasting liquid
  • Wearing a finger guard over the hands, including gloves
  • Make the child where the thumb sucking guard
  • Placing a child in a long-sleeve dress so that they cannot get access to their thumb or finger

Appliance therapy includes:

  • fixed equipment to break the habit by making a habit difficult as possible to resume
  • Removable equipment to break the habit by making a habit as difficult as possible to move on.

Most orthodontists agree thumbsucking that, if it continues into childhood it can cause long-term problems orthodontics for children as they grow into adulthood. Therefore it is advisable to try and stop the habit thumb-sucking as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future.