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Learn More About Akashic Records

The Akashic records are stored in the 5th dimension, and so we can only make sense of them when they are accessed by our Higher Self or someone who knows how to ask the questions of an Akashic librarian.

With permission, you can access the Akashic records of another person. Some practitioners learn to heal energetic blocks either for themselves or for their clients while they are accessing the Akashic Records. You can also know more about akashic records secrets online.

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You will need the help of your spirit guides to determine where the healing needs to be done. As we move closer and closer to the Shift, our souls are accelerating in their movement toward their purpose.

Each soul has its own challenges and goals. If you learn to access the Akashic records, you can learn what your soul's purpose is and all about the blocks or challenges that you can expect.

We create our life through our choices and our intentions. We will never be caught up in negativity unless we identify with our Ego in the past and future. The Soul can only exist in the present. When we identify with our soul, with beings of light, we will always make the right choices.

Struggles from Lifetime to Lifetime:

Seeking help from the Akashic Records will enable you to know whether there have been negative influences attached from an earlier lifetime. You will also be able to correct that attachment with energy work.

And, you might seek help in accessing the Akashic records when you are ready to accept responsibility for whatever occurred prior to your present.