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What Is Designed And Done By Structural Engineers During Structural Design Process?

Structural designing is an excessively complex, exigent, and attention oriented process wherein structural elements such as columns, beams, and joists, etc should be designed highly accurately as they are ultimately accountable for the robustness of the structure when it is eventually installed in the proposed location. 

Since engineers are ultimately responsible for the design and strength of structural framework they have to carry out a series of structural design activities that help in accurate and affordable 3D modeling and 2d drafting services

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When the structural framework is designed by engineers they have to carry out load calculations and structural analysis for verifying the capacity of design to withstand or to stay firm against applied loads which may include dead load and live load. 

Apart from load calculations and structural analysis, engineers are also required to design foundation, columns, beams, lintel, trusses, and joists, etc for the proper resistance of the building's internal load and the load which is tackled by the structure due to external forces such as winds and snowfall.

Developing overall structural design remains the responsibility of engineers but deals with the intricacies of individual components detailers are hired. Apart from structural engineers, structural detailers are also of utmost crucial for the design development of the structure as they are accountable for rebar detailing, accurate precast detailing, comprehensive steel detailing, detailed metal detailing, staircase detailing and for the creation of precise technical drawings and erection drawings.