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Biblical World History Timeline And Its Effect

There is a brilliant correspondence between the numbers in the book of Genesis, which includes creationism, and the numbers in the science of human evolution from apes. The parallelism begins with the biblical quote that God took Adam from his rib and made the woman Eve with him. In the biblical chronology of world history, the number of male ribs is 24, 12 on each side of the chest. The same number was found in women. 

This contradiction disappears when the text is viewed from the perspective of the knowledge that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples: nothing is impossible with God. God may have removed Adam's rib, but they did it so that the woman and all her descendants had the same number of ribs. However, rib removal is taken as symbolic language and it is explained that it cannot be considered as direct language. To get to know more in brief about bible history chronology then you can go to the Amazing Bible Timeline.

Biblical Meaning of Colors

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In fact, like men, women have one chromosome that is smaller in gametes than chimpanzees. Human sperm has 23 chromosomes and human egg cells also have 23 chromosomes. Make sense. Other cells in humans are diploid, which means they have 46 chromosomes. But it is necessary to see what science has to say about the development of great apes, namely about the development of humans from chimpanzees. 

If they had to admit that the ribs represent chromosomes, the implied and explicit biblical number says that God took the chromosomes out of the chimpanzee and made her a woman. In other words, male chimpanzees lose their germ chromosomes and thus females are formed.