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Cyber Security – An Emerging Field Of Study

Since the start of the internet, cyber crime has become a problem. What is cyber crime? Have you ever noticed a virus, or even gotten hacked? It is a very common cyber crime. Cyber criminals hack into the network, making the virus, and can even steal your financial information.

Although we all realize that this is a possibility when we get on the computer housing, we often think that it will never happen to us. For more information about need of cyber security in Atlanta visit

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Despite the potentially devastating financial cyber crime for the average person, it is possible to cause catastrophic impact by political extremists who may misuse the Internet for cyber-terrorism measures. 

What cyber security professionals in Atlanta do? They coordinate preparedness organization’s information security, educates users on computer security, respond to cyber-attacks sophisticated, collect data and evidence. That will be used when the demands of cyber crimes such as auction fraud, credit card fraud, pedophilia, intellectual property theft,  terrorism, hacking and they monitor the network for any breach of security. 

Usually, they are employed by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. At the time of cyber security professionals in Atlanta may be called upon to engage in computer crime investigations is known as Cyber ​​Forensics.

This is the emerging field, and as technology advances, it filed a way to change along with the technology. Cyber security professionals must keep up to date with changes in technology and become lifelong learners in their field.