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Dancing – A Joyful Activity

Many parents who enroll their children in a dance class hopes of becoming a dance star in future of their children without realizing the many other benefits of having a dance class for these children. Dance is not only for professional players who aspire. There is a place for recreational dancers in the dance world and these students can benefit greatly from the class. You can also look for the best tap dance lessons online.

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There are many types of movement beneficial to our health and wellbeing. We can walk, run, cycle, swim, surf, go to a yoga class or do tai chi in the park. The options are endless and varied. Then there is dancing.

The ability to dance is freedom in motion. There can be gentleness, there can be wildness. Whether we crank it up alone in our lounge room or dance with others. Whether we express ourselves through free movement or whether we dance to set steps we are energizing ourselves from within.

We are getting into the rhythm of the music and letting ourselves forget for a time just how painful the loss of a loved one is.

We are escaping and investing in the power of dance to heal our weary hearts and our aching bodies. We are transporting ourselves to that place where music and movement combine into a making a magic all its own, all our own.