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Best Decorative Painting Techniques

Tired of plain, boring walls? Faux finishes are a great way to jazz up your space with little cost or effort. Here are a few of the most popular finishes. Of all faux finish techniques, sponging is the easiest; even children can do a somewhat messy reproduction of this technique. To get painting services and paints you can contact Meoded Paints & Decoration.

Sponging is extremely simple, and for many supplies typically costs between $50-$100, which might also incorporate courses if you would like to know from the professionals.

Four Decorative Painting Techniques

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Combing is a bit harder. When combing, you are using a spoonful of teeth to comb through the upper layer of paint. Much like sponging, you would like a base coating so that if you comb there'll be a matching layer under it. Employing a combing method is also quite affordable, and you'll be able to use the squeegee to create wavy, zigzags, and other designs on the wall.

Glazing is truly the product that you place on your initial coat of paint. To be able to glaze your walls properly, you need to take a course. You could have the ability to locate a house improvement store that provides glazing courses or you might have to speak with a regional interior decorator about courses, but these will probably be rather costly.

Glazing puts a transparent coat on the base coat of paint, which makes the wall look somewhat shiny and translucent. You may use as many coats of glaze as you would like to get the desired appearance.

This end fools the eye into believing that the wall comes with a granite or marble finish. This is possibly the toughest end to accomplish by yourself. For producing the marble end, you use a method very similar to sponging, but this one requires somewhat more talent. See local shops to find out whether they have courses or hints on achieving this particular style.