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Fire Warden Training- What to Expect

Every single individual that wants to become a fire warden must receive the appropriate training beforehand. These classes are often a step above regular safety programs, leaving many individuals to wonder exactly what they should expect when they begin the training necessary to become a warden.

Fire warden training is no longer just for fire fighters. These classes are often comprised of individuals that own businesses, or employees that have been designated as being the warden when they are at work. The combination of the education that is received with the hands-on training helps to guarantee that every member of the class will be ready to handle an emergency and help save lives.


Education is a very critical aspect of training, and companies that offer training take this very seriously. Often, this area of the class will include at least a small bit about legislation. Other topics that are commonly covered by companies include, but are not limited to: risk assessment, safety precautions, common causes of emergencies, and emergency procedures.


Every single person needs to know how to get individuals out of the building safely. Being able to handle the stress of those that are already out of the building who are concerned and asking about persons that are still inside while simultaneously fighting the flames and helping to keep those battling the flames safe can be quite the task.


There are different types of extinguishers, and individuals that are ready to take on the task of battling flames need to know which equipment to use for each situation. An extinguisher that will only handle flames caused by chemicals will not work as well on one that is caused by grease, and this single mistake could cost a person their life.