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The Advantages of Special Event Florists

Planning a big party or wedding? If you need flowers, make sure to take some time to shop around. There are different types of florists, and your local retail shop may not be right for a big event. They may make beautiful arrangements, but for any event that needs more than six flower arrangements, consider a special event florist.

This type of florist is one that does large events exclusively. Some will even limit themselves to resort parties or weddings only. They generally do not have a retail shop where you can walk in and buy an arrangement or gift. But why should that be such a huge advantage over your local florist? You can also opt for a florist in Sydney if you want to send flowers to your loved ones

Simple & Elegant

Primarily because of space. You will usually find this type of florist in a warehouse or other large building. At first, the advantage is not apparent, but let’s say you need fifty arrangements. A large space means that containers can be prepared and laid out ahead of time. As the time for your event approaches, the florists can come in and make the arrangements quickly. The chances that they will deliver on time increases greatly.

A small shop, by contrast, has limited space. Imagine you have, say, fifty arrangements ordered. In a regular flower shop they will have to start early and work longer to get the job done. Then where will they store the finished arrangements? Will they be stacked and crushed? Or, worse yet, will they get distracted by the retail traffic and be late bringing your flowers? As you can see, something as simple as inadequate space can cause many problems down the line.