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Selecting the Right Freight Broker in North Carolina

How to Select the Right Freight Broker for Your Truckload Shipments

You just won a new contract with that big client that will double your manufacturing output, and your current freight provider can't handle the extra number of loads. What do you do? You've been called numerous times by that freight broker but you don't know anything about them or how they operate.

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Here's how to perform due diligence to make sure that you choose the best freight broker.

1. Check the transport authorities and bond brokers and ensure that the name and address on all the appropriate documents. If they do not match may be a scam.

2. Ask them about, and examine their experience and reputation. How long have they been in business? Are they really the expert you need or those who are new to the game? Do they have any specialties?

3. Ask them about their size, as well as making a difference. The bigger they are the more they've proven themselves trustworthy and they have access to many of the trucks available.

4. Ask them about their financial stability. Ask them what their creditworthiness ratings and make sure to ask them how they pay for their work with the operator. Do they pay the operator quickly or they wait for you to pay your bills first? If they do not pay fast truck was a red flag.