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Significance Of The Government Grant For SMEs In Singapore

In recent years, the Singapore government has introduced several significant cash subsidies, tax incentives, and bonuses to adequately fund small and medium-sized enterprises. This government subsidy is intended to make Singapore a start-up-friendly country.

How government subsidies help SMEs:

Government subsidies help SMEs to enhance and strengthen these five factors that hinder the financial and productive development of SMEs. SMEs can also enroll for government funding support in Singapore via to support their needs.

  • Business transformation
  • Promote productivity and innovation
  • Help SMEs to work globally
  • Promote talent
  • Important advice in different phases

How to get government funding for SME? Asian Business Daily

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Significance of state funding:

The government grants are designed to increase the much-needed support for SMEs in transforming their businesses and even help them overcome some of the key challenges they face. Government subsidies also help increase productivity and innovation. To achieve this goal, the government introduced a PIC bonus for SMEs.

The PIC program is an improved version of the existing Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC) introduced into the budget by the Singapore government. This regulation is intended to help SMEs cover the costs of implementing their productivity improvements.

Some other important features of government subsidies

Public grants are a great way to increase support to SMEs, especially in the key areas of productivity, innovation, and capacity building. In this way, government subsidies help SMEs increase their chances of restructuring their businesses while remaining competitive in the modern business environment. The government is also promoting industrial cooperation to increase productivity in various fields.

In addition to grants, the government has launched several initiatives such as the SME Talent Program, which enables SMEs to attract and recruit local talent from an early age in early and tertiary education by sponsoring student education awards followed by employment opportunities.