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Why Granite Worktops Are Used In kitchen Renovation?

Granite countertops are the most popular choice for solid countertops and countertops, while stone has been used this way. The main reasons are the strength and durability of the stone, it is non-porous and resistant to scratches and stains. However, the use of granite kitchen worktops for public building purposes is not new.

Masons and designers in ancient Egypt understood granite's durability and used it almost exclusively for a variety of building purposes, including the famous pyramids, as well as pillars and various other stone elements.

Therefore, the dominance of granite countertops in laboratories, kitchens, and other workplaces can be easily understood. Granite lives longer than natural or synthetic material regardless of the conditions of use. This is mainly due to the crystal composition of the rock itself. 

Granite comes from the igneous rock family that originates in the Earth's crust. Because granite is formed by magma that cools either below the planet's surface or at the surface due to volcanic flow activity, it has no internal structure to speak of other than its crystal base. 

This provides the granite with overall mass integrity and high density that is nearly impenetrable against external interference from sharp edges as well as resistance to ingress of fluids.

Another reason granite countertops are so popular, especially in kitchen design, is the variety of color schemes that occur naturally when the stone is chiseled.