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Know About Gas Masks and Understanding Its Uses

The development of gas masks cannot be associated with one of the names but can be traced back to early 1915 when the modern chemical warfare staring comes into play.

Various types of gas masks

To understand more about how to use a gas mask in your life, you must know what type of gas masks available today. Specific understanding of individual features for each gas masks will help you allocate the one that best suits your type of situation. You can visit this link to buy a gas mask kit.

Half-mask air-purifying respirator: This mask has to cover only the nose and mouth area. It allows the wearer to breathe easily through the filtration system without the inhaled air contaminated by the smoke, chemical, or biological agent type.


Full-face respirator masks cover the entire area is ace: They often come with a clear face mask or additional eye lenses to protect the eyes while protecting the nose and mouth as well. However, there could be some problems if there is a poor fit for a mask or a gap in the mask, which allows in impurities other than the filtration system.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus: This is also known as the SCBA. In such a system, the air tank is filled with high-pressure air is purified. This provides a consistent positive pressure in the mask. This allows for a tight fit on the face. These tanks are large enough and load them makes it difficult to do all the time.

Supplied air respirators: Respirators have the same type of filters such as a full face or a half-face respirator. However, they also have a kind of filter attached to a tube with a fan to force air through the respirator. The tube is battery operated. This system solves the problem of leakage, which may be a problem for a full-face respirator.