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Leather Vs Nylon Horse Halters

While many factors come into play when deciding between leather and nylon horse halters, the principal concern is (and always should be) the comfort of your horse. Leather has been used for centuries, of course.

But bear in mind that there's always room for improvement. For long life and durability, nylon can be your very best choice to take into account. To get more info about nylon mesh, you can search the browser.

Things to consider about leather:

• Can be customized with color and decorative working

• Requires maintenance to stay supple

• Weather can affect the Appearance and wear-ability of leather products

• Moisture can build up under, especially during a heavy workout

Leather can be very decorative, and a few bits are a work of art in and of themselves. Traditional craftsmanship, together with new technologies, has made some real showpieces. However one may make the argument that they aren't suited for everyday use.

They need special treatment to keep them looking great and have a tendency to shrink if they get wet. This may lead to chafing on the creature and make for an uncomfortable encounter. It might also lead to infections when gone undetected for any amount of time.

Nylon horse halter advantages:

• is also custom decorated and colored to order

• Easy maintenance, many are clean and wear in almost any non-allergenic detergent

• Weather-resistant and many colors are also fade-proof

• Breathable, no build-up of moisture under as the weave allows for more airflow