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Some Common Characteristics in the Fashion Of Oceanic Art

To make themselves known by the community that the primitive artist must use formulas available to everybody. Hence quasi-permanent fashions are crucial as both a practical and a ritual requirement. 

Once more, artwork stands out as a lexis where the artist handles the neighborhood in forms suitable to it. All these acceptable forms' constitute a fashion.

The Design of Heads

Polynesian statuary includes a frequent characteristic. The minds of its characters are exaggeratedly big. This peculiarity looks in the vast majority of primitive vision that consequently naively emphasises the significance attributed to the chair of their character. 

One of the Oceanians, infamous hunters of the enemies' heads, but in addition religious preservers of the parents' heads, there is a pseudo-statuary where the preserved head is modelled over using resin and wax, and also painted. Hence a fashion is best shown in its own treatment of masks and heads. 

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One of the primitives, the human body or bust is simply a support for your mind, and we could see how the shape of the back along with other limbs experiences a couple of alterations. We will classify the fashions in line with the various treatments of the face or head.

The Two-Dimensional Convention

The  historian Maurice Leenhardt art has resisted the aesthetic attitude of the Oceanians to perfection; They emphasise the problem that the New Caledonians have in conceiving of a universe of over two dimensions.

The guardians of this entry are ancestors stylised to a magnified flattened mask along with a back reduced to a couple geometrical signals. Exactly the identical formulation is employed to ridge-pole.