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Wooden Crates For Transport And Protection Of Goods

The wooden transport box is made of plywood, fully enclosed and extremely durable so it offers maximum protection for your goods in a tough and reliable packaging. Wooden crate prevents any kind of damage during the transportation of the packaged product.

Apart from being the most environmentally friendly choice, wood is also an easily repairable material: if a part is damaged, it can be easily replaced without needing a full replacement.

This type of packaging offers customers a presentation relating to traditional values and origins while still paying attention to the environment. Due to the nature of wood which acts as a moisture regulator, wooden crates can keep the product fresh for longer.

The porous wood structure is a physical barrier to bacteria, which makes wood packaging for export shipments perfect for hygienic contact, as it limits the presence of bacteria in it. The characteristics of this type are also important for items that need to be stored for a long time.

In this way, packaged wood for export becomes the most suitable, sustainable and responsible choice for your goods and the environment, because it is a natural, recyclable, sustainable, and renewable product.

What else can this material offer? The wood is adaptable to the weight and volume of the cut and is suitable for sea, land or air transportation. Keep in mind that you can protect your box with plastic lids, vacuum aluminum, or heat-sealed VCIs to prevent corrosion.