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Refrigerated Trailers – Secrets Exposed

We have seen a lot over the last 12 years with portable refrigerated trailers. As its name implies there are two main keys are involved here, cooling and trailers. We have seen some folks get part of it right while most fail at both aspects when designing and building small refrigerated trailers.

Let's start with the trailer. This is the basis of everything we do. The regular cargo enclosed trailer industry has changed over the years so much and they cut off the power and durability we need for refrigerated trailers. However, there are many companies today that also offer cold storage facilities on large scales and there is a wide range of trailers and excellent coolrooms to suit every purpose. 

It is important not to just get a trailer off the lot and try this at home like so many we see out there today.

Quality built refrigerated trailer must have:

1. Single Piece Aluminum roof

2. 16 "steel tube wall O.C.

3. Tube steel roof

4. The steel tube framed rear door (not plywood w / aluminum skin)

5. Three tubes tongue

6. L.E.D. light

7. Subfloor for superior insulation with aluminium belly

8. Expenses D or larger tires for better stability

9. No wood or wood framing wall/ceiling (light and strong with no mould or mildew problems)

10. Reinforced front nose to the cooling unit

11. The extended tongue with mounts for generator

12. Must be specially constructed for the refrigerated trailer and built with strength and durability in mind.

Please check out how important it is to use a trailer made of steel tube instead of z-post or a post cap.

We have even seen people take a walk-in cool room and put them on a flatbed trailer. Be careful because a lot of these structures are not D.O.T. approved and you can be fined or even worse injure someone. Use common sense, take a walk-in cool room to sit inside or outside of the building but they are not designed for the rigours of the road up and down and the side they do not offer structural support.