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Online Psychotherapy Is Effective

Have no interest in online therapy using email, correspondence and live video conferencing using Skype or similar free services. This approach to client comfort is very clear: The client can control the process, paying only for the time he wants to pay. Clients can have his session at a time convenient to him, and can take the time to write email questions and feedback in his spare time, rather than feeling pressured to do during the traditional session. 

In general online therapy works best when the client is offered a specific strategy that they can experiment at home. Techniques such as CBT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy is very precise. If you want to get information realted to Silicon Valley psychotherapy via

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The very process of writing down your thoughts in the email is a very powerful tool to help you develop a more objective relationship with emotions, which can be very abstract and difficult to express them. This is why the journal has long been encouraged in many schools of psychotherapy.

Online approach can also be good for the therapist, because it can take time to devise appropriate strategies to offer clients and do not feel pressured to give a solution in place.

Is a substitute for face to face therapy sessions Online?

No, probably not, but it certainly is an excellent addition, and provides an alternative for those who do not feel comfortable with traditional therapy sessions, or can not attend the session. This may be particularly useful for those who suffer from social anxiety or agoraphobia.