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Effects Of Thumb Sucking On Teeth

It seems that these days, every child either uses pacifiers or sucking his thumb in order to stay calm. Many parents wonder about the habit of sucking the thumb and how it will affect the teeth that are about to grow in.

Most of the time, children will grow out of this phase before there can be a lot of damage in the formation of teeth but at some times these habits will keep children going for years. You can also get to know how to quit sucking finger by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

 Here is some information about how thumb sucking changes normal bite development.

First of all, understand that thumb sucking is very natural for children. Some babies actually suck their thumbs or fingers while in the mother's womb. These techniques are used to help children become more comfortable with their surroundings and help them relax. Children who continue thumb sucking by the time permanent teeth come in; usually, they are the ones who have these issues.

Some things that can happen when a child does not stop sucking thumb are that the jaw can be fully reshaped. The reason for this is that the jaws are still flexible and soft at this stage and can still be molded.

These children may also have some difficulty in speaking and may end up with open bites or some type of overbite. Because of all these issues, you should not let your child suck his thumb after the age of three. If necessary, get professional help so that you can avoid these problems.