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Requirements For a Russian Tourist Visa

Russia welcomes and encourages foreign visitors. Besides the passport of your country, Russia requires that you apply for a tourist visa. There are several requirements to obtain a visa and you will want to start planning well in advance of your visit so as not to delay your travel plans.

Visas are required for each visit to Russia. You may be considering a trip to see the scenery and natural beauty, friends visit or work temporarily. Your needs may be more serious as you come to medical assistance. Each type of visit has different needs. A tourist visa is intended for those who come for sightseeing and traveling to various areas of the country. You can browse to know more about Russian tourist visa.

One important aspect of a visa to Russia is that everyone who enters is treated as if they were planning to immigrate permanently. This means you must produce supporting documentation to verify that you visit a while.

The Complete Guide For Indian Citizens To Get Russian Tourist Visa

Russian Embassy located in your home country is usually the place to start the visa application process. Or Consulate in your area also has this authority. Here you will need to arrange an interview if you are 14 or older, up to age 79.

The interview date can be difficult to a schedule so that you decide well in advance of your trip so you do not need to change your travel plans. Because of visa is a document that verifies your identification, you will be asked to submit to digital fingerprints as part of the visa process.

Tourist visa application form is available from the Russian Embassy or can be downloaded from the website. Requirements change so be sure to check carefully the form appropriate to your situation.