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How to Choose a Salesforce Integration Tool

The software tools that your company uses not only serve different purposes, they also function differently. They are written in multiple languages (Java, .NET, PHP) and have their own peculiarities when it comes to data storage, business logic, visual presentation, and security.

Salesforce integration solutions are software that use an API to build and manage communications between Salesforce CRM and other systems to interpret the messages that the system exchanges. You can get information about the best salesforce integrations via

The choice of Salesforce integration tool depends on the number of integration systems and their specifications, as well as the number of integration levels to cover.

There are 4 integration levels: 2 basic (data and process integration) and 2 additional (security and user interface integration), which often accompany one of the main levels.

Data integration ensures that integrated systems exchange information promptly and when necessary. Helps data consistency and improves team efficiency. Data integration should be based on appropriate information management techniques such as master data management or data flow design.

Process integration connects applications and systems at the workflow level to run end-to-end business processes. Related integration scenarios require complex solutions by which interactions between systems can be managed and process states can be reported and managed.

Security integration integrates authentication mechanisms to achieve better user experience and to minimize administration. User interface integration combines the user interfaces of two or more systems. This provides the user with a single entry point for multiple applications, enhancing the user experience.