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Creative Financing For Commercial Real Estate Investors

Various revenue-generating real estate investments are being proposed under the market that is excellent investment possibilities. For many real estate lenders, the barrier of purchasing these properties is the mortgage needed to obtain them.

There are many ways to structure a deal where the seller can finance the property or hold a second mortgage for a short time and then the buyer can refinance the loan. To know more about the tokenization of commercial real estate visit

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Many lenders require the loan to be seasoned for one or two years. Some investors work so that they will refinance quickly claiming no seasoning. These deals settle within 3 to 6 months from the primary seller financing contract.

These are programs where a private lender will finance the loan from one to forty – five days. The key is to have a buyer ready to close immediately or to be able to refinance at once. This only works when the end lender is aware of the transactional financing and they require no seasoning.

If the property has equity and the seller is willing to use it to help the buyer acquire the home, then a down payment assistance program may be a great option for you. This can only happen if there is substantial equity in the building.