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Waxing: Which Areas Does It Work For?

The wax contains a warm mixture which is applied to the skin and quickly removed as it cools. There are many salons which provide the service of wax in Hong KongThey have two types of wax: soft wax and hard wax.

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Soft wax requires streaks to be removed and consists of rosin, oil, and other additives. wax is applied and the tape is placed on top to remove the hair against the direction of growth.

Hard wax is self-hardening and is made of beeswax, resin, and oil. If we compare soft and hard wax, hard wax eliminates hair without scratching.

However, shaving is much easier and requires only a razor. But it does not provide the desired results. When we use razors for hair removal the hair came back in very less time.

On the other hand, waxing is much beneficial to razors. Because waxing takes out the hair from roots and then it makes a minimum three to four weeks to grow back. That means after having waxing treatment you can be tension free for three to four weeks.

What fields do waxing work best for?

It depends on your preference, but some people find waxing in underarms, arms, bikini areas, pubic hairs and legs are much easier.

Some people also use wax to remove facial hair. For facial hair removal, they use a hard wax that can use without strips.

For the bikini area, wax masks are more appropriate and can result in fewer razors due to sensitive skin.