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Yuneec Mantis Q- The Choice Of Every Professional

Small but mighty Yuneec Mantis Q drone offers cutting edge with advanced features such as capturing your memories in 4K and improved GPS positioning which makes it easy to use an ultra-portable package. You can check the latest Yuneec Mantis Q review, which comes with the following features:

Sensor stabilization and improved GPS positioning

It sensors stability that helps position the drone even when no GPS data is available. This improves its flight capacity inside. It also has improvised on its GPS features that will help you in accuracy and greater coverage.


The battery for the drone is a replaceable 2,800 mAh unit. It can fly up to 33 minutes of flight time in best conditions, and it can fly up to 26 minutes in light breezes with various take-off and landings in the session.

Stable flight and speed

Yuneec Mantis Q drone comes with smooth flying experience and has a speed of 44 m/ h. It is perfect for capturing panoramic views and getting cinematic shots of moving objects.

Stable camera with high-quality imaging

If you choose the Yuneec Mantis Q drone then you will get the best quality camera 4K, or you can opt for the camera 1080p. The 4K camera comes with advanced optical features to improve fish eyes that allow you to publish snapshots directly from the drone.

Pilot software and remote control

The driver software on your device acts as a screen and a control panel. It will provide all the data you need and remote control provides a better user experience in recording in flight.