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Tips For Caring Older Horse

For some people, horses become their partners for many years. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to recognize the condition of the horse due to which they become slower. 

However, there are so many advanced health care treatments and nutrients available that help horses to live a longer life. But as they become old they need more attention and care. To read more about natural pain relief methods for horses visit

Care Old Horse

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Below mentioned are some of the ways that help in keeping your aged friend to do his best in all the activities.

Give Him Consistent Work:

It might be possible that your horse is not that capable now to sustain a regular exercise routine for further competitions. So try to keep him at some point in fitness level so that he will feel happiest and a younger horse. 

Provide Regular Check-ups: 

Do not forget to give the regular check-ups to your horse even if he is still in good condition. When you give horses the cortisone shots, in the early stage it will not only help in curing the symptoms of joint pain but can also prevent keep away from upcoming inflammation and stiffness. 

Give Him Senior Feed And Supplements:

Old horses are not able to absorb that much nutrients as they can at their younger age. There are several senior feed available in the market such as alfalfa-based pellets which is very easy for an old horse to chew, and digest.