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What Are The Symptoms For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

By the time we go through a tragedy in our lives. Some tragedy is so terrible; they often life-threatening.  Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, including reviving the terrible event repeatedly. Someone will tend to stay away from certain people or places and can be very sensitive to the normal situation.

It's not even possible right after the show but can show up years later. You can get counseling for EMDR, trauma & PTSD in Nanaimo At The Therapy Place. During the war, the condition is known by different names. During the civil war, it is referred to as having liver soldiers. 

At the time of the First World War, soldiers considered to have combat fatigue. Gross stress reaction is the name given to the soldiers of World War II. Another name for this syndrome is a shell shock and battle fatigue. It was not until the 80s that these conditions receive the identifier is now known.

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And children who have seen the death of one love, or have suffered through all kinds of abuse will have a high incidence of PTSD. Those who have to deal with the symptoms are more likely to develop a smoking habit or alcohol. 

A personality disorder can manifest in people who have experienced trauma at a young age. Children do not have the detachment and distance that adults develop and have thinner skin. Each event is tragic, life-threatening effects of emotional cans and people through intense fear and result in post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Depression often is treated well in people who have suffered from this disorder. It is important to know that however with counseling and support many with PTSD can lead a normal life and come to terms with the underlying trauma.