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What Is The Process For Canada Immigration?

There are many rules and regulations governing immigration to Canada that change from year to year. These changes due to new regulations such as the recent Action Plan for Faster Immigration has increased the number of skilled workers to come and decreased candidates in unapproved areas. Another reason for the recent recession or changes is due to government leadership. 

In 2009, only 265,000 qualified candidates will be allowed in the country. These applications take about 12 to 26 months to process the application without counting preparation time. You have to arrive at the immigration office after approval of the application within one year after having the medical examinations. You can hire a qualified immigration consultant Toronto for completing all this process.

Step by Step Process to Apply for Canada PR 2020

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The government provides more help with immigration applications. Basic information, application instructions, and suggestions are available, but it is the individual or company hired by the individual to complete the paperwork. Immigration consultants in Canada can be hired to assist in the application process and to determine the ability of a candidate. 

After immigration to Canada occurs, the right of permanent residence is placed on the person's passport granting them permanent right to work and live in Canada. In some provinces, the person is entitled to health care subsidized by the government.

However, a permanent resident does not have the right to vote. After three years of residence, the person is allowed to apply for permanent citizenship, and if granted, is entitled to a Canadian passport and can vote. 

Temporary residents are workers or students who remain in the country with a specific visa and do not receive medical and welfare care but can buy private health care. When a person emigrates, they do not necessarily lose their current passport. Be a permanent resident of a country does not affect the citizenship status matters in another.