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Why Are People Filing Talcum Powder Lawsuits?

Johnson & Johnson powder has a wide range of applications. It is regularly used in infants and adults. Unfortunately, the powder can develop severe health problems. The study revealed that the powder can increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer. There is proven study stated that talcum powder causing ovarian cancer.

Thousands of ovarian cancer patients and loved ones have filed a product liability lawsuit against Johnson & Johson. The lawsuit alleges the company hid the relationship between talc and ovarian cancer. The company has paid more than $ 5 billion for the victims who suffered injuries powder.

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Johnson & Johnson has been mentioned in thousands of lawsuits of powder injury. The plaintiff claims conscious multinational companies manufacturing and marketing of harmful products.

In particular, Johnson & Johnson has been accused of selling popular baby powder without providing enough information on the product link for ovarian cancer. The plaintiffs accused the company of pressing medical evidence for decades and hide the results of a study of consumers and scientists.

Evidence found during the initial powder litigation cases shows that Johnson & Johnson has been known for many years a dangerous product.