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Why Buy a Paint Booth?

You should buy a paint booth because it delivers results that simply can't be achieved any other way. Our team of dedicated experts will ensure you get the paint booth that's the best fit for your business, at an affordable price. If you're still trying to work out whether getting a paint booth is right for you, or which kind of paint booth will give you the best results, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why Buy a Paint Booth?

The primary goal of Paint Booth Supplier manufacturers is to have a safer working environment, which allows you to work on a wide range of projects without having to worry about the safety concerns. A proper paint booth will eliminate unsafe working conditions, and will reduce the risks of fire. They can also help you avoid wasting time cleaning up your work space because they provide ventilation to keep your area clean. If you own one, it's very easy to make sure that your shop stays clean, neat and tidy without wasting too much time. There are many advantages of owning an auto body shop paint booth, but there are also some disadvantages.

Best Paint Booth by Leading Paint Booth Suppliers

1. Spray Booth

Spray Booth designs and builds paint booths that include specific features to accommodate your unique requirements. All of our standard paint booth models are fully customizable with many upgrade options to meet your individual needs. If you don’t see a standard model to fit your business or shop needs, Spray Booth can custom design a paint booth that will meet your exact specifications and offer the best value in the industry.

2. Vehicle Emission Tester

The Vehicle Emission Tester performs the non-exhaust emission test by using an exhaust simulator, which covers the tailpipe. The exhaust simulator pumps specified levels of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) into the tailpipe based on engine speed and load conditions. The Vehicle Emission Tester measures emissions from all areas of the vehicle that are not part of the powertrain: engine compartment, underbody and interior cabin.

3. Finishing Balancer

The Finishing Balancer is a complete finishing system that accommodates your need for a high production paint booth and paint mixing room. Constructed with a modular design and available in standard sizes, this paint booth is ideal for factories with limited floor space. It will provide you with the ability to create a complete high-efficiency finishing system.

As this paint booth is built to maximize production, it’s recommended that you pair it with one of our paint booths equipped with automatic spray guns (like the Rotary Spray Booth) or other automated painting equipment. This combination allows your facility to achieve efficient production levels while minimizing product waste.

4. Rim Repair System

The Rim Repair System is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows you to repair and refinish vehicle rims while they're still on the vehicle. This system includes an extractor with an integrated dust collection unit that makes clean up easy, and a unique paint guard that will help you get perfect results every time.

5. Air Conditioning Recovery

Air conditioning recovery systems can help by making the air inside a paint booth feel cooler, while providing a steady flow of fresh air. This allows technicians to work longer and more efficiently, while decreasing the risk of heat exhaustion and increasing productivity. They come in many different sizes, ranging from small portable units that can be moved around the shop to large centralized units that can cool an entire building.